Interview with MHS, The Warren Buffet of Middle East 

MHS is known as a serious rival of investment companies in the United States and all over the world. Its CEO, Mohammad Hossein Soleimani has soon become a phenomenon in the Middle East because of his unique and scientific methods that uses in investment. His methods are similar to Warren Buffett’s, and he drastically sticks to trusted ways in investment and nothing can stop him in this way.

 Why did you start MHS?

“What I wanted to do was to create a way to invest safely in the Middle East and developing countries. The average salary in some countries in the Middle East and poor countries is less than 200 $ monthly, so most people are trying to find a way to increase this amount. No one can control the inflation rate in poor countries and this is a real catastrophe that leads to poverty and crime. Living in this condition means no security. You can’t trust anyone because of sanctions. The appearance of a lot of dishonest brokers has made the condition worse. No way. People want to invest their money, and they inevitably trust the brokers that motivate people to day-trade and scalping. I wanted to do something for people who couldn’t trust anyone and all wanted to get rich by day trading, they knew nothing about the market and investment. No one could get rid of that. On the other hand, Students never learn any subjects practically at universities and all graduates dare not work as a top clerk. Most of the students don’t know anything about investment practically, even finance graduates.”

 In MHS courses people learn how to invest their money in the real market and real world, and they become successful gradually. We do emphasize that frequent investing is a reliable way rather than day trading. No one can get rich by day trading in the real world. I encourage my students to get their CFA degree or other valid financial degrees to have a better chance in life. How do you update your information? 

“As Warren Buffet and other investors do, I read a lot. I believe that a group is always superior to a person. I always try to make different teams for different responsibilities. This is my belief when I hire a person or work with a person. Teamwork is always a main issue in accepting a new person. This is my pet peeve if a person can’t get along with other team members or tries to stop team members. This person can no longer stay in my company. I hardly ever fire people myself. Most of the time they are put aside by the system. I have some experts who are reading different sources day in and day out. They spend more than 5 hours a day reading economic magazines and bestseller financial books to broaden their horizon. When I hold an investment course, I have an eye on these eager and curious students. They are hired by a company and these people are the best for R and D in an organization. In the Middle East, there is no place for these talented students to grow their abilities.”

 One of the main goals of MHS is to find these gifted students. We share our information in weekly meetings and update our information and I try to train them to find the most relevant information and teach them how to spot fake and real news.” Mohammad Hossein Soleimani is a man of many titles: foresight expert, finance professor, a great entrepreneur and crowdsourcing pioneer,

MHS holdings CEO but a few. He is called Asian Warren Buffet in the business diary.( ) He is the kind of rare person who believes in investment instead of day trading. He raves about his beliefs in his free financial courses and tries to find genius students to work with them in his investment company. More than 80 percent of MHS

Employees are hired among the talented students in his courses. But what makes MHS

Holdings different from other investment companies?

“Dr Soleimani launched MHS Academy and MHS investment company in 2012. He genuinely could grab Intelligent incorporation attention (high-tech decentralized broker and the future of brokers) and MHS is the only investment company in the Middle East that works in this safe and profitable system. A system that is based on blockchain and no one can defraud others. “As I grew up in the Middle East, I realized those people a lot. There are a lot of fake brokers that tempt their clients to trade daily and even if they made any profit in that inefficient system, they could never withdraw that money. Although all traders don’t know this fact, brokers make profits from people’s loss. Unfortunately, the dream of getting rich without any effort attracts a lot of amateurs, and they lose their money. They don’t know anything about investment, and they are cheated by this nonsense. They waste all of their savings and then there is no use crying like a baby. In addition to finding talented people, I wanted to give a chance to someone who has a method to earn money.”

MHS investment holdings ( offer a lot of different services from different investment courses to fund and investment management. The number of their users is increasing and their scientific and loyal ways lead to profitable portfolios annually.