What You Need to Know About South Carolina’s Biggest City

If you are planning a visit or a move to Columbia, South Carolina, there is a lot you should know. From the basics about the city to fun attractions to even more specific information, there is so much to learn about any new city.

Columbia is a unique city with many positive characteristics, and it would make a great city for a visit or a move. To help with your knowledge of the city as you plan your trip or your move, consider the following things you need to know about Columbia, South Carolina:

The Basics

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina, and is located in Richland County, with a part of the city extending into Lexington County. The city is located very near the center of the state, giving it a convenient location, and as the capital, it is home to the South Carolina State House.

The University of South Carolina, the largest university in the state, is located in Columbia, as is Fort Jackson, the largest Army installation for Basic Combat Training in the country. Columbia is located where the Congaree Rivers forms where two other rivers meet. The climate is nice and mild with some cooler days during the winter and hot summers.

Attractions and Things to Do

Now that you have some basic background information on Columbia, what will you do in the city once you visit or move there? Columbia is home to plenty of fun attractions, so you will be sure to have a packed schedule, whether you are visiting for a weekend, a week, or do decide to move to the city.

In Columbia, be sure to check out the Riverbanks Zoo, Riverbanks Botanical Garden, the South Carolina State Museum, the Columbia Museum of Art, EdVenture Children’s Museum, the South Carolina Military Museum, and Congaree National Park. You can even take a tour of the State House. There is so much to do in this city, that you might decide to make a permanent move, and luckily, there are plenty of Columbia houses for sale.


If you are planning a move, and want to know about the job opportunities in the area, or you simply like to know about the businesses and economy in the area you are visiting, you will be fascinated to know that Columbia has a strong, diverse economy.

The largest employers in the area are the state government, the University of South Carolina, Palmetto Health hospital system, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. Top industries in the area include healthcare, technology, and education. So if you have experience in any of these fields, and want to move to Columbia, you are in luck.

Columbia is a unique city with a lot going for it. As the capital of the state with a convenient, central location, it has many advantages. The city also has plenty of fun things to do to keep you busy when you visit or on the weekends when you move there.