When To Contact A Customs Broker In Canada? Find Here!

If you plan to engage in international trade and want to get goods and vehicles into Canada, you must take your time to evaluate the rules, compliance needs and regulations related to imports. Canada, much like most other countries, is stringent with requirements for imports and exports, and being compliant is not a choice for importers and businesses. This brings to the main question – Should you hire a Customs broker like Clearit customs clearance? In this post, we are discussing further on when to hire such services with benefits, pros and cons at a glance.

Get the basic assistance

Having someone to clear your imports at the port of arrival is not a great idea, especially if yours is a small business or if the imported goods are of a small price. The good thing is Customs brokers are easy to access, and a considerable part of the work can be done online. Before we go into further details, you should know that the work of Customs broker is legitimate and they operated under the rules set by Canada Border Services Agency. In fact, all brokers must obtain a license from Canada Border Services Agency for operating in Canada.

Customs broker, at the basic level, help clients in clearing their shipments. You need to share the invoice and other documentation with the broker, who will then ask for permission to act on your behalf. The next part of the job is absolutely their hassle, where the Customs broker will keep a tab on the process, submit documents and get the shipment cleared.

Advice and consultation from Customs brokers

Many Customs broker work as consultants for clients who are involved in cross-border business. They offer advice and assistance for cross-border contracts, so that clients can work as required while also staying compliant with the necessary requirements at the same time. As a company, you can stay compliant and have good relationships with both U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Contacting a broker

If plan to deal in imports, consider getting in touch with a Customs broker immediately. They should be able to offer assistance on how you should deal with exporters, so as to remain compliant and in sync with the rules. This also means saving considerable money as far as penalties and fines associated with mistakes and compliance errors are concerned.

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