Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc Curbing The Effect OF Global Inflation With Cryptocurrency Loans

The Russian-Ukraine war is dealing a devastating blow to the global economy, which the COVID-19 pandemic has already battered. Aside from adversely affecting the global financial markets, it is also disrupting food and energy supply as both countries are among the world’s breadbaskets.

For instance, Russian and Ukraine supply over half of the world’s sunflower oil and one-third of its barley and wheat. Russia is the second-largest oil exporter and one of the world’s leading natural gas exporters. The war has resulted in about a 60% increase in crude oil prices and over 34% increase in food prices compared to last year.

Another devastating effect of this disruption in the supply chain is the rise in global inflation. According to Statista, global inflation rose from 4.71% to 7.4%, the highest level since 1981. This increase has forced many businesses to seek additional finances to sustain their operations.

However, while businesses seek additional funds, central banks are increasing their interest rates, and commercial banks are tightening lending conditions. Thus, it is becoming more difficult for businesses to secure small loans and almost impossible to access large sums. As a result, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and existing businesses are finding it harder to survive these tough times

In light of these global economic issues, Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc is introducing small and big cryptocurrency loans to help businesses access the finance they need to grow. We offer businesses a $10m – $100m cryptocurrency loan for six years. With our loan product, you can access large sums even if your bank has previously denied you a loan.

The good news is that our cryptocurrency loans do not require credit checks or an assessment of your company’s current financial situation. All you need to obtain our fast, affordable loan is to make a 25% security deposit of the loan amount. We charge a 5% one-time commission on the loan and 1.1% monthly interest; that’s 13.2% annually. However, to help you reduce the cost of the loan, we pay you a 1.8% monthly dividend on your security deposit.

Lastly, you can use your cryptocurrency loan for whatever business you want. You can invest the loan in agriculture or oil business or even use it to build your dream home. Do not let the dwindling global economy stop you from achieving your financial dreams. Contact Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc today to get the credit your business needs to thrive.