How Athene’s Agility is Making a Difference in the market?

Athene is a company that was started in 2000 and had been making waves ever since. This is because they have been able to stay on top of the changes in technology, leveraging them to make it easier for their customers.

One thing that has made Athene so successful is their agility. They are always adapting to new trends and technologies, which allows them to be more agile, both internally and externally. This blog post will discuss how Athene reviews  make a difference in the market!

What does the company offer?

Athene offers three types of products: fixed annuities, variable annuities and mutual funds.

Fixed Annuity:

A retirement product similar to a CD or bond with insurance features such as lifetime income riders and death benefits.

Variable Annuity:

An investment account offered by an insurer where you contribute after-tax dollars, which are then invested in sub-accounts within the annuity contract.

Mutual Funds:

Insurance companies offer these through their brokerage units which invests in stocks, bonds, cash etc.

What differentiates it from others?

Each year, they’ve grownthe company at a rate of 20-30% per year. This has allowed us to become one of the largest insurance companies in North America and also allows us to offer some pretty unique benefits for our clients that other financial institutions cannot provide.

What is unique about the service that would resonate with them?

The ability for a client to save up money over time while it’s compounding earning interest rather than paying fees when they get older (much like how banks operate) makes sense for this demographic.

There are two ways to buy their products:

Customers can go directly through (Athene Insurance Company), or they can purchase them from one of the insurance companies we partner with, such as MassMutual, Prudential and Lincoln Financial Group. They also offer access to all major banks across Canada.

What’s their long-term goal?

Their goal is always to have happy clients who use their service and recommend it to their friends/family. To do that, we must provide a valuable benefit with superior customer support and trustworthiness.

Most significant goal:

Staying true to an organization is probably one of the biggest challenges because you can easily lose sight of what’s important when there are so many people giving you advice along the way about how to run things.

Bottom line:

Athene’s agility in the market is what makes it stand out from other companies. With its mission to bridge gaps, Athene has taken a step up and created something truly unique with its business model.