COMPETITION from 25th january of 2018 year

COMPETITION begins 25th January 2018 year
                                         Dear clients of Invest JP Group LTD..

Contest winners, whose essay, video review or announcement will be the most interesting among the published ones, will be granted with money prize to be sent to their account. They will be able to use the money according to their willings, in particular to withdraw them via any payment system, which the company is working with.

Contest mission
For the first step, Marketing Department have taken a decision to advertise the Company utilizing network effect, what means promotions and contests to be held. This way will allow quick audience penetration and getting acknowledgment of many potential clients about the Company, additionally, Marketing Department of JP Group LTD will be able to follow rates of growth of the Company's popularity accurately.

Contest winners will be granted with money prizes of three categories:
1rd category. For the best essays/press releases.
2rd category. For the best video review.
3rd category. For the best announcements.

The best essay authors will be granted with money prizes: Money prizes are also granted for the best video reviews.
                                       The first place: 1000 USD
                           The second place: 600 USD
                The third place: 200 USD
          For the first place: 500 USD
                     For the second place: 300 USD
                                For the third place: 100 USD
The interesting announcements are also granted with money prizes:
The first place: 60 USD The second place: 30 USD The third place: 10 USD

So, for the purpose of sharing the information in all the countries and in all languages you may publish any amount of essays/press-releases or video reviews and place them accordingly, in press, at your website, in blogs, forums, and also in different social networks or announcement boards.

Every your work,which participates in the contest will be scored separately and will have a chance to win.

Participation conditionals:

Essays / press releases
1. Should contain the link to our website
2. You should be a participant registered at our website.
3. Any participant may add any quantity of works, and they should not contain any plagiarism.

Video review
1. Make a video review about Invest JP Group Limited (not shorter than 1 minute, maximum - with no limits)
2. Publish your video review with the link to our website in Internet at your blog, profile or group in social networks, in your Youtube channel or any other source, which you use for potential clients inviting.

Send an e-mail to our « Department for marketing and advertising », using our Contact Form, and specify your login, e-mail address, contest category, title (of essays / press releases, video review or announcement) and the link to review.

All the necessary information about Invest JP Group LTD Company you may find at « Contacts » page and other website pages.

Contest lasts from 20th January till 31st of April, 2018. Then, within a month we will define, grant and publish winner names.


Think about, what do you want to share with your readers?
If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our « Department for marketing and advertising ».

We wish you to succeed a win!
Best regards, JP Group LTD


Hints and recommendations for review creating:

  • We do not limit participants of the contest in their initiative to implement modern software and tools, cross-cutting styles, photos and graphic effects.
  • You may tell about your own experience working with Invest JP Group LTD:  what pushed you to become the Company’s clients?   where did you know about the Company from?   how your life have changed since you are working with the Company?   how much you have invested and earned? any toher thoughts related to your experience working with us.

Share your thoughts and invite your friends to share their experience working with us.

We wish you a lot of success! Thank you for your active cooperation!